Finishes for Your Plunge Pool

You have the choice of three finishes for your plunge pool.

We can supply your pool with a tiled finish, a tile and chlorinated rubber finish or in a raw state.

Raw finish

The raw finish is one for the handyman who wants to do some of the work themselves.

Please click here to find out more about our raw plunge pools.

Tiled finish

A beautiful and traditional look can be achieved using our range of tiles to line the inside of the pool.

A variety of shapes and colours are available to suit your needs.

Click here to see the range of tiles and colours that you can choose from.

Tile and chlorinated rubber finish

A combination of tile and chlorinated rubber gives an aesthetically pleasing finish thanks to its unique versatility of colours and contrast.

The top 300mm of a pool with this finish features tiles from our Glass Mosaic range while the remainder of the pool is coated in a chlorinated rubber finish.

Chlorinated rubber is a paint like substance that comes in a range of colours and provides a long-lasting coating for the raw concrete lining of the pool.

We are here to help

We understand that making the right decision for the finish on your pool can be challenging but we are here to help.

Let’s talk about the outcomes you want and the options you have so we get it right for you.

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