Coastal Plunge Pools

The perfect solution when you want a pool but space is a problem.

Look at all the benefits you get with a plunge pool from Coastal Plunge Pools:

  • A fun and relaxing place for the whole family
  • A great place to entertain friends and family.
  • A great place to unwind after a tough day at work
  • The perfect place to beat the heat in our hot summers
  • Added value for your home.
  • All the fun of bigger pools but in far less space.
  • Reduced maintenance gives you more time to enjoy being in the pool
  • Energy efficiency so pumps work less and use less electricity

Our pools can be installed anywhere that fits your design. Difficult sites are a breeze thanks to the reduced size of our pools.

So talk to your pool installer or builder and choose the location that is right for you and watch your plunge pool become the focal point of your outdoor area.

Small in size but big on fun and big on value.

Imagine how much fun you and your family can have with an affordable pool that will be an eye-catching feature that adds elegance and value to your home.

Low maintenance

You won’t have to spend hours cleaning and maintaining a pool from Coastal Plunge Pools.

Maintenance for your pool depends on a number of factors that are often unique to each pool. However, the compact size of our pools means that, in many cases,  cleaning is almost non-existent and cleaning systems are rarely required

Low cost, no fuss and no mess

Your new pool is built to your specifications, delivered onsite in one piece and placed on a base that has taken hours, not days, to prepare.

There are no huge holes, no messy excavations that last for weeks and craning your pool into position takes no time at all.

And, because the pool is so compact, the construction cost is far less than the cost of the average inground pool and your new plunge pool requires far less water so you save even more.

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coastal plunge pools give you elegance without needing large amounts of space